Room Service Gets Wild: The Craziest Dining Offerings Around

ayana resort room serviceWhen it comes to room service, hotels have stepped it up. From menus sourced from celebrity chef restaurants to hotels that will offer a fine dining feast in your hotel room, you can pretty much have it all, whenever you’d like.

Still, some hotels take the idea of adventure to a new level by offering room service menu items and concepts that go beyond the norm.

Here are a five of our favorites from around the world:

Feral Food in Australia
Feast on outback delights like kangaroo and emu with the Feral Food menu at the Prairie Hotel in the Outback. The boutique hotel offers a wide local selection of meats and produce for guests.

Floating Brunch in Bali
Would you like your eggs and toast delivered on a tray … in the pool? Guests at Bali’s AYANA Resort can enjoy room service served on floating trays in their own private plunge pools. If you’d like to get really wild, ask for a pot of cat-poo-cino to be brewed to your liking. Officially termed Kopi Luwak, the beans of a coffee berry are eaten and digested whole by the Asian Palm Civet. Farmers then collect the defecated beans, wash, dry and roast them for a highly aromatic coffee that is brewed and served tableside in the hotel restaurant.

Get Raw in New York City
It’s hard to shock us when we visit NYC, as you can get just about anything, anywhere, anytime. Still, we’d wager that while sushi restaurants are popular, finding your favorite tempura or nigiri on an in-room dining menu isn’t. Guests at 6 Columbus, a Thompson hotel, can order up their favorite dishes from the hotel’s popular Blue Ribbon Sushi restaurant straight to their hotel room.

Whatever You Want In Mexico
At most luxury hotels, you can have “whatever you want, whenever you want it” if you simply call the concierge. But Imanta Resort in Punta Mita actually takes that concept literally on its in-room dining menu, or lack thereof. Just dial “0” and ask for in-room dining. The chef will personally call and arrange a menu just for you.

It’s Okay to Be Cheesy in Boston
The boutique Hotel Commonwealth offers up a number of local dishes on its menu, but it also offers the first traveling cheese cart we’ve heard of. Ask for cheese selections off the in-room dining menu and you’ll get an entire cheese cart delivered to your room so that you can choose your favorites.