Video: Norwegian Man Survives Crazy Cliff Fall … Or Was It A Jump?

A Norwegian man is alive and well after suffering what many might have thought to be a foolishly life-ending accident, the Telegraph reports.

Richard Henriksen, a surgeon, has become somewhat famous for performing daredevil gymnastic acts before BASE jumping from cliffs. While taping a segment for a TV show aptly called “Normal Madness,” Henriksen planned to swing from a high bar before catapulting himself off the cliff.

As you might imagine, things took a wrong turn when the high bar fell apart, sending him flying off the 4,000-foot cliff.

There’s a happy ending to this story – Henriksen is just fine. He managed to open his parachute before landing.

What does this tell us? We’re fairly certain that it means common sense and book smarts don’t go hand-in-hand. We hope this dumbass daredevil takes it easy for a little while.