Birth Of A Hotel: It’s All In The Details

capella washington bathroom

One of the aspects of hotel builds we’re finding most interesting is the level of attention to detail paid to even the smallest elements of a hotel build. The photos above and below are from Capella Washington D.C., Georgetown’s model room. They may look like just a half-finished bathroom wall, but several weeks ago, it was a fully functional bathroom. The property team felt that the space as designed didn’t suit the needs of the potential guest – the shower area wasn’t large enough, the handles placed too high in the wall, and the tile too light. And so out it went, to be replaced by a more friendly design.

In the final product, all rooms will feature a large media wall (which will house the flat-screen television) as well as a touch pad display on the entry wall, which will allow guests to see the day’s weather as well as control all aspects of their in-room comfort, including temperature.

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[Photo credit: McLean Robbins]