5 November Festivals That Have Nothing To Do With The Season


Fall Festivals
in September and October welcome changing colors on trees and events better done in cool fall weather. November rolls in with Thanksgiving taking much of the spotlight for our travel attention as holiday plans firm up. But November is also host to a variety of festivals and events that really have nothing at all to do with holidays, turkeys or shopping.

Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Classic in Clearwater Beach, Florida, is one of the largest jazz festivals on the East Coast, drawing professional musicians from all over the United States, as well as aspiring young musicians. More than 20 bands will play in several venues.

Big Sur Half Marathon in Monterey, California, on November 18 goes through historic downtown Monterey, over to Cannery Row, down the shore of Monterey Bay, into downtown Pacific Grove, and back along the coast to the grand finish at Custom House Plaza, Monterey State Historic Park.

Chicago Fine Chocolate Show is a fine chocolate & culinary event that features chocolate creations from around the world. Showcasing over 100 world-class chocolatiers, samples are offered to taste and specialty items are available for purchase.

Portland City Walking Adventure Tour in Portland, Oregon, runs through November and December an lets visitors experience Portland guilt-free by seeing sights and not using fossil fuels to do it. The urban hike explores the diversity found in Portland’s historic downtown area and its fast-growing culture.

SkyQuest 2012 in Deland, Florida, is an international skydiving competition held November 19-22. A spectator-friendly event that acts as a bridge between the public and the skydiving community with 100-way formations, canopy swooping and an average of 2-3 parachutes open in the air at any given time.

[Photo Credit: Flickr user wales_gibbons]