Yet Another Location App, Just In Time For Holiday Travel

location appAs if we don’t already have enough location apps similar to Foursquare, here comes another one. Thankfully, this new one arms us with an alternative to the invasive settings that lets others know our exact location at all times.

Glympse allows users to share their location with anyone for a set period of time, which makes it the perfect companion for holiday road travel.

“We’ve reached a pivotal point in the evolution of location sharing – moving beyond static check-ins, to location as a mainstream way of communicating during our everyday activities. People are actively seeking ways to share where they are more regularly and with broader groups of people – but with control,” said Bryan Trussel, CEO and co-founder of Glympse in a press release.

Simply select the recipient (either mobile number or email), set the timer, and your location is instantly shared on a dynamic map.

Add in a destination, and the hosts can see your estimated time of arrival, either on their own smartphone with the Glympse app installed or on any Internet-connected computer.

Stuck in traffic or simply running late? Glympse promises to tell those people who are waiting on you just exactly where you are and when you will arrive.

Out with friends and expecting someone else to join you? Glympse says they can show where you are at any given time. Waiting at a movie for someone to join you? Know exactly where they are and make the call to go on without them or wait.

“With Glympse, our goal is to provide an instinctive way for anyone to share their location – as privately or widely as they would like – by integrating the action easily into everyday activities,” adds Trussel.Waiting for a phone call from someone to tell you they arrived OK? Glympse can handle that request and more as we see in this video:

[Image Credit: Glympse]