Museum’s Egyptian Statue Mysteriously Moves On Its Own (VIDEO)

Curators at the Manchester Museum in the United Kingdom have found themselves stumped – and a little spooked – after a time-lapse video shows an ancient Egyptian statue slowly turning in circles in a display case.

According to, curators at the museum noticed the statue, which dates back to 1800 B.C., was often facing the wrong way. Since no one but museum workers have access to the display case, they set up a time-lapse video, which they say shows the statue moving even though nobody touches it.

The ancient Egyptians believed that if a mummy is destroyed these types of statuettes can act as alternative vessels for the spirit. So, what do you think: is there a trapped spirit inside the display case, are museum-goers footsteps making it move or is this a marketing scam to get extra visitors at the museum?