Birth Of A Hotel: Creating Private Spaces For VIP Guests

capella washington roofEarlier this year, USA Today writer Barb DeLollis toured the Capella construction site and commented on the fact that the hotel has not one, but two private spaces reserved for guests, the library and rooftop deck.

Capella won’t be the only hotel in the region to have a private area just for guests. The Jefferson hotel, arguably the city’s only other ultraluxury property, also has a private library reserved only for guest use.

What are your thoughts on reserving spaces for guests only? Does this add a great private space to a hotel or does it alienate potential local guests?

We also have an exclusive glimpse at Capella’s private roof deck, shown above. It will be the only hotel in the Georgetown neighborhood to offer a rooftop pool.

[Image Credit: Renderings courtesy of Capella Washington]