Daily Pampering: Escape to White Elephant Loft in Nantucket from $6,000

white elephant loft nantucketThe holidays are a stressful time. Whether you’re cooking a feast for the family or the only adult stuck at the kids table, the holidays are nothing if not memorable. And every year, you say you’re not going to do again… and every year, you do… But this year, why not try something different?

Cook the bird, make the stuffing, crush the cranberries and then get out of town! This daily pampering isn’t just luxurious, it’s necessary for your mental health after the holidays.

Leave the chaos and head for The White Elephant Loft in Nantucket. The quintessential New England island glows during the holiday season and the entire town dresses up for Christmas, with Santa Clause arriving via Coast Guard vessel and carolers lining the streets.

Check into The White Elephant Loft and unpack in a luxurious three-bedroom loft, let the staff treat you to breakfast each morning at Brant Point Grill, a four-course meal prepared in the loft, and a Saturday Champagne Reception at the White Elephant spa with hors d’oeuvres, and dinner after at Brant Point Grill.

The price for this daily pampering: $6,000 for up to six people, Dec. 1-4 or Dec. 2-5. The package also comes with $25 towards any $100 or more spa treatment.

The price for reclaiming your sanity after the holidays: Priceless

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