Volcanos – all about em

With Mt. St. Helen’s all set to blow her top again, publisher
Globe Pequot has got a very relevant
new book out about Volcanoes in the Cascades. Having lived in Seattle myself for several years.
I am aware of how much the presence of these mountains play on the consciousness of the people in the Northwest…the
answer: um, a lot. Anyway, I thought this would make an interesting addition to the library of folks who are
fascinated by the power of mother earth and other volcano watchers waiting for St. Helens to blow. Here’s the jacket
copy if you’re interested.  

Towering, majestic, beautiful, the Cascade Range is the centerpiece of the Northwest’s renowned beauty. These
rugged, snowcapped summits provide an inspiring backdrop to the landscape from Washington to northern California. Yet
underneath this elegant facade are powerful, unpredictable forces. Thirteen of the range’s peaks have the potential
to explode with catastrophic results, seven peaks have erupted in the last 250 years, and, on average, two eruptions
occur each century. Which mountain is next?

Well, we know the answer to this, don’t we?