Gift Idea: Cooking Lessons in France

Here’s an idea for a great gift this holiday season: cooking classes in France. This place, located about half an hour from Aix-en-Provence, provides five days of gustatory instruction in how to prepare Provencal cuisine. Lessons are held in the “newly renovated Provencal kitchen on a beautiful wine estate”, and are limited to no more than eight people….which is key if you’re like me and tried to take Italian cooking classes here in New York and there were like 30 people enrolled. Not good. Cost is about $1600….so not exactly cheap, but I guess you can factor in the cost of meals. Still not cheap though.

Here’s another in Provence that offers programs in May, June, September, and October. There are three double guest rooms each with private bath. Limited to 6 guests a week.

And if Bordeaux is your destination, take a look here where you get four nights, four lessons for about $1300 per person.