American Trails

I’m going to guess that most people had no idea there was such a
thing as the  Millennium Trails
. Well, there is, and according to the government copy writers who get paid to describe this stuff the MTP
“is a national program that will celebrate, recognize and be a catalyst for creating trails to “honor the past and
imagine the future” as part of America’s legacy for the year 2000.” How nice.

The project is supposed to build, enhance or recognize (hey you! yeah you, you’re a trail, aren’t you? I thought
so.) approximately 200 trails. From the Mississippi River Trail to the Freedom Trail (you know, through Boston) the
project is now underway. So if you’re interested in what the project is doing, or are just eager to read some
scintillating bureaucratic prose, go to the government site. If you want a
site with a better interface that describes the trails and the project, go to
Altrec’s site.