What Kind of American Do You Speak?

PBS is running a good program on American words, dialects, and questions
whether or not we are ruining our own language.  With words like spambot, cybercat,
and bling-bling making their way into dictionaries it’s no wonder English can be so freakin’ hard to learn!  In
fact I have found more correct ways to speak proper English studying foreign languages than I had in grade
school English class. 

I went through quite a few of the interactive portions of the website to see where I fit in and what American
sounds tickle my fancy.  I wasn’t really surprised at my discoveries and I myself have never been a fan of
southern accents, but never mistook it for bad English.  The
story here explains the myths about dialects in the
south and New York.  I thought this was a nice culture find for anyone into linguistics.