Dips and Chips for Cinco de Mayo

When my brother was younger I remember he used to refuse any form of the potato that was
outside of a french fry.  He said he didn’t like the
way it taste any other way and as his older more enlightened sister I ’knew’ the silly little
rapscallion   was just using his taste-buds for an excuse to eat greasy half fried fries from
McDonald’s. Well I feel the same way about avocado’s.  It took me awhile to come to the realization, but an
on it’s own is gross!  Ick!  Puh!  But guacamole is delicious.  Every whipped up, mixed, and
seasoned bit smothering a lightly salted tortilla chip with a nice margarita to wash it down definitely puts
a smile to my face. 

So, getting to the real fruit of the story and seeing that Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner
here’s some
nice avocado
to fill your head with from AOL Food.  From the discovery of the most popular avocado’s by postman
Rudolph Hass down to finding the right one, it’s a pretty decent read.  And to prepare further for any planned
fiesta’s here’s a good
for making guacamole with chipolte tortilla chips.  And don’t forget the cerveza, your amigo’s will
love you for it!