Delicious Polish Eel?

Lisa never lets us know whether she liked her
specially made dinner or not, but
she smiles with false happiness spread across her face.  Her appetite was riding high
when she heard a dish had been prepared just for her visit in Lednica Lake located in Rybitwy, Poland. 
Adrianna, the owner of the agrotouristic made the announcement in Polish and filled with excitement.  This made
Lisa want to dig in more, until a plate of quartered slightly smelly eel was placed in front of
her.  Of course common courtesy kept Lisa from refusing what I’m sure had to be an absolutely
mouth-watering serving of eel and so she smiled and swallowed it down.  

What might you have done?  Discreetly chuck the eel under the table when no one is looking or grin
and bare it, like good old Lisa? Personally, as much as I like to try new things I would have had to refused and
that’s off of smell alone. Her story is this month’s winner at
Pilot Guides.