One Minute Vacation for Your Ears

I’ve posted about the site One Minute Vacations before, but
it’s always fun to check in when they have posted new stuff. it’s such a cool concept: these small sound files are
available for download and capture a single minute, a single moment in a place that is probably quite far away from
where you are sitting at this instant. In this one
, a Swedish artist named Wolgang Peter Menzel goes to Macau.

Here is what he says about the piece:

“You are running in the streets — looking around and listening to the traffic, staring at people, you wonder where you
are, all your senses are touched by new things, smells and impressions of a complete “differentness” compared to what
you are used to; it overwhelms your person, this slowly getting into this condition of phenomenological basic behavior.
That is what happened to me there, at a street corner in the Chinese part of the former Portuguese colony Macau, at
least — even the traffic light sound became something else.”

Close your eyes and listen.