Better Sack Lunches Period

A confession like this would probably send my poor old ma’s heart on the fritz, so I pray word
doesn’t spread, but I secretly used to discard of those disgusting liverwurst sandwiches
(as in the WORST sandwich your ma could send you to school with) into the garbage can or into my best friend Benito’s
lunch box. I’d sit there pouting filled with anger and pain. Most of all I was hungry. Many of the kids would
gladly accept the sandwich, but wouldn’t trade off for an item in their lunch sack. They needed those to wash down the
horrible taste the liverWORST would surely leave behind.

What does my lunch box confession have to do with travel? Hmm… Good question. Nothing, really.

Unless you plan on going camping in Yellowstone
or backpacking with a couple of friends through Canyonland National
in Moab, UT this weekend I suggest you keep these terrific recipes for better sack lunches in a safe
place. If you’re heading out soon, whip them out now. I spotted them on MSN, but they are compliments of
Better Homes and Gardens. The
slide show displays several
items ( like the Star Bright Sandwich pictured here) that you’ll surely want to fill your lunch bag-o-goodies with and
clicking under each gives you the recipe to a brighter well packed lunch.

Crunchy PB and a wrap, pineapple coleslaw, and champion chicken packets are all quite suitable for a long
days spent outdoors wandering through the woods, sniffing the pine, and perfect for a picnic after river kayaking.
Either way make the pledge today to become a better parent, friend, lover, or travel companion by packing the right
sack lunch. Pouting in the schoolyard might fly for a moment, but pouting on your vacation getaway is never cute.