Unique Home Stays: Ahilya Fort

When I stumbled upon
Unique Homestays I
was expecting quirky households in exotic or urban
destinations. The kind you may or may not wish to visit ever
again, but would be glad you gave it a go at least once. Instead of all this, I came across luxurious home stays in
places and homes where every single middle-class person I know would be considered a beggar. All but the
good-looking at least. Naturally an exaggeration on my part, but for all the uncommon goodies, amenities, activities
and more found at the various home away from home make sure you pay fine attention to the price tag.

In any case the site which is devoted to unique home stays, unique country house parties, unique escapes and
unique properties for sale does a fine job in what makes it so, um, unique. After cruising the page and clicking around
for a while this stay at the
Ahilya Fort certainly
caught my eye. Aside from it being a typical example of Maratha architecture in 1766, the swimming pool in the garden,
and ramparts built in the 16th century, the most unique part of this home stay is it was once the capital of one of
India’s most celebrated women-rulers-Ahilya Bai Holkar. That sounds pretty awesome and I’m sure your host Prince
Shivaji Rao Holkar will be delighted to tell you more.

Sounds like a real jewel in terms of up-market home stays and as a whole the site is worth a view from anybody
looking to upgrade experiences like home away their house.