Light My Fire Spork

I find myself continually fixated by obscure utensils designed for
easy eatin’ on the go. First the spork, then the fabulous
chorks, now the three-in-one ultimate sporkoonife? Or is
it forkoonife? Call it whatever strikes your fancy…but don’t you want one of these?

The folks at Backpacking Light introduce us to the
My Fire Spork
, the fork-spoon-knife trifecta of cutlery. This “multi-use ultra light utensil” comes
straight from the Swedes, an innovative design that’s durable,
machine-washable and comes in four primary colors too, stylish and so easy to find while cooking ’round the
campfire. Non-member price at Backpacking Light is $3.99, a buck cheaper if you are a subscriber.

Light My Fire also sells a full outdoor meal kit,
with their one-of-a-kind spork, and spill-free cup.
Global distributors can be found here.