Ski Bulgaria

There are many many places I can think of that I’d like to be heading right now to do some skiing. But I confess that
Bulgaria is not near the top of that list .In fact, I’m not sure it’s even ON the list. Wait, let me check…nope, Bulgaria is not a ski destination with which I am familiar.


And so I was surprised…in a good way…with this piece in the outdoorsy Stellar Magazine  on skiiing Bulgaria. But Leslie Anthony heads there and
discovers, between gulps of rakia, a grappa-like liquor, that Bulgaria has a few surprises in store. Actually, I love
to see new places discovered…places like Bulgaria that could probably use an infusion of tourism. Is Bulgaria a new
Jackson Hole? Well, probably not. As the writer describes, it’s doubtful that as Jackson someone would try to sell you
an AK-47. Maybe a six-shooter, but not an assault rifle. But my curiosity is piqued and I just scribbled a word on my
list of place I want to ski: Bulgaria.