Mozart's B-day

Mozart would
be 250 years old this year and if he were around today, why, he’d be one ugly old dude. But hey, he might still have the
spark. He still might be cranking out those golden oldies like Offertory in D, "Venite populi". Yeah, baby. Or
maybe he’d be a rock star. I can imagine him in a bleary, brandy-induced haze on stage, "Yo, dudes, more

You know, the folks in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria still consider old Amadeus to be one
of their greatest talents. And indeed he may be (unless you cont Arnold Scwartzenegger, who is from Graz). And so when
it comes time for as important a date as Mozart’s 250th, well, you know they’re going to pull out all the stops and
there will be Mozart Kugeln for everybody.

So yes, all this is to say, if you are considering a trip to
Europe this year, why not plan it around Mozart’s 250th? That might
create exactly the excuse you need to get yourself to the continent this year.