Word for the Travel Wise (03/13/06)

Since most of our readers here are English
speaking persons by birth or those who have lovingly embraced the lingo as a second form of communication I never
really thought to point our attention to any English words,
but the time has arrived. English is said to be one of the hardest langs to learn by non-native speakers and quite
frankly it can be pretty darn tough for the natives too. In today’s ever growing world of slang locals in Phatlanta,
Gotham and Mile High City could even have difficulty understanding one another. My searches immediately triggered
results in various areas of slanguage, but it was this one placed at the very
top of the list that shall be featured today. From Slanguage.com:

Today’s word is an English slang word used in Los
Angeles, CA, U.S.A:

agro – gone out of

Alright now – Angeleno’s help me out with this one. During my entire three years and
some change stay in the smoggy city I never once heard anyone use this word. Is this in fact a word used to describe
something gone mad, haywire or simply out of control? Enlighten me, please. This word and several others like
bubbler (a.k.a. water fountain out of Milwaukee), bumpkin (lifelong
resident of the Mojave), and rankin’ (to make fun of someone out of Jacksonville, FL). Since I
haven’t been to each and every major metro area to investigate the vernacular of local folks I can’t  verify the
accuracy, but I’m sure interested in hearing what you guys think. Check out your city at this Slanguage.com site and see if a non-English speaking person could make it your
neck of the woods.