Great Vodkas

We’ve done a fair amount of posting about beer lately, and that must rankle fans of the harder stuff.

OK, have no fear, here’s a reat post about vodka. Perhaps I should have left ths for Neil, but oh well. Gothamist takes a look on tis fine Memorial Day at the various wonderful vodkas that are out there waiting for your palate (and liver) to sample.

Of course, we always advocate moderation, unless that is impossible and you are sitting and quaffing with a group of Russians, who, it is rumored, never leave a bottle of vodka unfinished. We learn about Reyka, Iceland’s first and only vodka, Also, a must try is PINK vodka, nicely flavored with with Guarana and caffeine, so you can double up on the heart-beat raising stuff when you have your vodka Red Bull at your next big bash.