Virtual Hitchhiking in Russia

Russians are long last discovering the power of the internet to help with their travel plans when money is tight and distances are far.

Recently launched sites like and are helping individual travelers find travel companions or shared transport to vacation destinations throughout Russia and the world.

Poputchika, which means “no travel companion,” also doubles as somewhat of a travel related dating site and more. According to The Moscow Times. “Poputchika is… flooded with announcements from women looking for a male ‘sponsor’ to take them on a free vacation to any touristy spot.”

I’ll let you figure that one out.

So, if you plan to travel through Russia and want some local Russian companions, platonic or otherwise, check it out–but you’ll need to be able to read Russian.

(Incidentally, The Moscow Times keeps their links live for only a couple of days so you’ll need to check out the article rather quickly).