Word for the Travel Wise (10/04/06)

After checking out the Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center the other day it feels like a given to provide you with this nugget of Norwegian knowledge.

Today’s word is a Norwegian word used in Norway:

hjemkomst – ( pronounced yem-komst) homecoming

Norwegian is a Germanic language spoken by some 4.6 million people in Norway. It is closely related to Swedish and Danish. There are two form of Norwegian; book language or Bokmål and new-Norwegian or Nynorsk. To learn Norwegian online go to Wiki for background details; then head off to Omniglot for a brief look at the alphabet and pronunciation guide. The link here provides you with a number of web resources for learning the language of Norway. Their list includes, Web TV, audio, colleges, etc. BBC Quick Fix has some of the basics with audio. Pimsleur Language CD’s are great if you have the extra cash to spend, otherwise pick up the Lonely Planet phrasebook before you take off.

Past Norwegian words: hoytid / selskap