All Roads Lead to Rome

Czech couple from northeast of Prague, near Mlada Boleslav (home of the famed Skoda auto), decided they’d go for a walk…to Rome. The couple just reached their destination, completing the 1500 km (932 mile) trip entirely on foot.

The couple, the Koziskas, have three adult children, and the husband, an avid travel book reader, got the idea reading the story of a similar trek by Moravian priests last decade. Mrs. Koziskova, who works at the Skoda plant, suffers from back pain and wasn’t quite sure she’d make it. Further, they were forced to sleep outside a few times along the way, coming in close contact with some foraging wild boar and even a curious badger.

However, now she says, she “can’t imagine spending [their] next holiday lazing around.” Nothing like good travel writing to inspire a trip!