Stolen Luggage Found in Houston Trash Bin

Um, this bothers me. A LOT. According to this story found in the Seattle Times, 68 suitcases which were taken from George Bush International Airport were found outside of a pet store dumpster in Houston earlier this week. The stolen baggage apparently came from nine different airlines and from destinations such as France, UAE, and domestic locations. Investigators are trying to determine now if it was an inside job or if some punks walked into baggage claim and casually walked off with bags without anyone noticing. Imagine waiting for your bag to come around the carousel when somebody has already successfully snagged your panties, boxers, toothpaste, Craisins, jewelry and other novelty items for their own personal pleasure. Ugh!

News like this really stinks to hear considering how much paper is wasted printing your baggage claim tickets and no one is ever there to check. I think I’ve been checked only once in all my travels before walking off with my bags. That’s pretty sad folks. If you’re heading through Houston it might be time to start making a mad dash to the claim area or just check-in nothing and buy when you arrive.