Photo of the Day (1/24/07)

Rabat Cyber Cafe
When I look at this picture I do not think about an establishment that will allow me to connect with close family and friends during my travels abroad. I do not think about updating my Myspace page with cool shots from the bazaar taken the day before for all my pals to sit green with envy over. Instead I wonder why the little naked baby has a laptop drawn over it in a nice pink colored paint or why the dogs and cats in the poster above wear shades. The baby makes me think of episodes of NBC’s To Catch a Predator and I imagine the animals are concealing blind rolling eyes. Perhaps I need my head checked, but what does it mean and isn’t funny how a picture, a painting and a poster can translate different things in different languages? Surely I am not the only one who thinks so???

Anyhow, major kudos to cfarivar for uploading this shot of the Faraj Internet Cafe located in Rabat, Morocco into the Gadling Flickr pool. It gave me something to think about today.