How to Travel Like a Geek Pro

It seems that just about everyone these days is itching to offer up travel advice — some good, some bad — but it’s a sign that things are a-changin’. More and more first-timers are flying, and this is a major cause for unnecessary airport travel traffic, says “Geekster” over at in the article, “Travel like a pro: 8 tips to make your journey easier.”

“When you have to go through security people are naturally drawn to where the crowd is, falsely assuming that if everyone else is queuing here then so should they. Wrong!”

Avoiding the crowds in the airport, or not “going with the flow,” is among the 8 tips covered in the article, which (in case you were wondering) falls under the “good travel advice” category. Some of the tips may be obvious to the well-trained traveler (“Travel light, travel fast!”), but others just might be devious enough to fall below the radar (slipping $100 to the airline check-in manager to get an upgraded seat). Other topics included are bumping tips, free hotel room and car rental upgrades, and cues on streamlining your next airport experience.

The article is bent a bit towards the business traveler, but it’s loose enough to be adaptable to anyone whose planning a getaway in the near future.