Free Entry To Louvre While Guards Strike

If there’s a country where workers know how to strike, it’s France. When truck drivers strike, they position their vehicles across major highways, so no one can travel, and when security guards at the Louvre (the Paris museum that houses the Mona Lisa) take strike action, they block the ticket booths so no one can pay.

In response, the museum waived it’s admission fee. Score!

So should you jump on a plane right now to get in for free?

Well, no. For starters, the fee ranges from only $7.87 to $17, and by Wednesday afternoon, the striking guards — who, incidentally, only made up 5% of the museum’s 1,100 security staff — had relinquished their hold on the ticket booth.

Semi-related jaw-dropping fact: the Louvre registered 8.3 million visitors last year alone. No word on how much the museum lost by temporarily allowing free admission.