Travel Trend: Taking the Kids on Business Trips

Due to the growing number of single parents and two-income families, coupled with the trend to have children later in life, it seems more and more business travelers working in time with their kids by taking the family along for the ride.

As you might suspect, the service and travel industries are getting in on the act, trying to capitalize on the new business. Conference planners are seeking out vacation-friendly destinations, and hotels are catering to families — not so much for vacationers, but to appear more attractive to convention organizers, who feel they can attract more participants by encouraging parents to bring their kids.

One hotel even partnered with Fisher Price to offer suites complete with a crib, baby swing, and CD full of lullabies.

Amid all the growing concern with Blackberry Parents (a term for parents whose kids feel less-important than their wireless device), and the tendency toward workaholic behavior in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s nice to see business travelers finding a way to incorporate more family time into their work schedules.

Because before you know it, they won’t be kids anymore.