Who Buys This Stuff? 12 Food Related SkyMall Finds

Oh how I love SkyMall. I’ve never purchased anything from the magazine, of course, but it provides literally minutes of entertainment on a long, boring flight. For some reason, I can never resist flipping through the pages at least once, even though I’m absolutely certain I will never purchase a single thing found inside.

The folks over at YumSugar.com skimmed through the pages and picked out the wackiest food-related products, including one of my favorites: the Fiesta Station Buffet. Nothing says “authentic” like a lime-green cart built specifically for housing the contents required to build a taco. I always picture a dinner party: Husband and wife walk into the kitchen. Husband: “Honey, are we at a Mexican restau–oh, no, it’s one of those taco stations from SkyMall. How authentic! I thought we were at a Mexican restaurant!”

YumSugar did a great job picking out the idiotic items, but they forgot one — another personal favorite of mine: the Pop-up Hot Dog Cooker. The description reads: “Operating much like a pop-up toaster, this unique kitchen appliance lets you easily prepare two hot dogs (complete with toasted buns) in minutes.” You know, as opposed to the hours and hours normally required to cook a hot dog.

Foodie Stuff Found in the SkyMall Catalog at YumSugar