Holiday flings are endangering young Brits

Ah, holiday flings. My teenage journals account in painstaking detail so many clandestine meetings with various so-called ‘hotties’ on family trips. The ideal hook-up was one straight out of Dirty Dancing; unfortunately, I suspect my own teenage awkwardness was more reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite. There was always a problem though — the family. Holiday romances were always foiled by having to spend time with the parents, not to mention inevitable embarrassment from a little brother. Still, it makes for good reading material dozens of years later.

My Holidays romances were always the pinnacle of innocence. There was a dance, maybe a small kiss (usually on the cheek) but nothing further. They sure weren’t anything like the holiday flings of today. Case in point: This article talks about how holiday flings are putting young Brits (16 – 24) at risk for a number of STDs, including HIV. Apparently young travellers have some sort of ‘no holds barred’ approach to holiday sex and it’s costing them their health. But guess what kids — it still counts as sex even if you do it in a foreign country.

My, how the times have changed. Or maybe I’m just a prude.