Kite Runner movie opens this weekend

The much-anticipated movie “The Kite Runner” about an Afghan refugee and his childhood experiences in his war-torn homeland finally opened this weekend. It’s the latest in a slew of Afghanistan movies, following on the heels of “Lions for Lambs” with Tom Cruise and preceding the Christmas thriller, “Mr. Wilson’s War,” with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

The only movie I’ve seen of the three is “Lions for Lambs,” and I’ll save you the $10 bucks by just saying it’s a rather terrible movie. There’s lots of political drivel and lackluster action scenes, but nothing that gets us beyond the veneer of 24/7 news broadcasts and psuedo-political commentary. That’s why I’m hoping “Kite Runner” will delight me. Though apparently most of it was shot in China …

Post if you’ve seen the movie and whether you liked it or not!