Tennessee Body Farm

The Body Farm isn’t a tourist attraction, but it should be.

Imagine a plot of land over which forensic scientists have scattered some 150 dead bodies so that they can measure their rate of decomposition. According to a fascinating article in Wired Magazine, the scientists have carefully placed the bodies in cars, houses, fields, and anywhere else where police might find skeletal remains. The aim is to gather enough information so that when a body is found in the real world, forensic scientists are better able to estimate its date of death.

So, while all this research is going on, how about opening up the gates for guided tours? I’m sure there are enough morbidly interested people to make this a real tourist draw and in the process, generate a good deal of cash to help the research facility.

And let’s face it, the Body Farm is located in Tennessee–which needs all the help it can get attracting tourists (just kidding folks!).