Top 28 must-see sights (according to Smithsonian)

Around this time of year, travel publications love to collect and print lists. New York Times had their top 53 destinations for 2008 recently. Conde Nast Traveler came out last month with their list of the best islands around the world. And now in this month’s issue of Smithsonian Magazine comes a list of 28 sights you should see in your lifetime.

They’re broken down by categories: ancient ruins, engineering marvels, artsy locales, seasonal sights, natural wonders, religious monuments, and disappearing destinations. It’s a fun exercise to see how many of the sights you can check off. I’ve only been to a few on this list–I guess my justification is that it’s sometimes more fun to visit places not splashed on some top 10 list. Then again, I’m also running on a student budget.

How many of these 28 destinations have you been to?