On sale now: “Sex and the City” tour for $24,000

Sex in the City might have ended a while ago, but its shoe-loving spirit is clearly still well and alive. Even more so with the upcoming movie.

Those wishing to become Carrie Bradshaw for a day (4 days actually) are in luck. For just $24,000 a New York travel company is offering “Sex and the City” fans the chance to live the life of characters in the television series, splurging on luxury shoes and handbags, being pampered at luxury spas and sipping cocktails at nightspots featured in the show, Reuters reports.

Guests can expect to be chauffeured to upscale department store Saks Inc and Barneys New York and boutique clothes stores including the New York store of Patricia Field, the designer and stylist whose clothes feature on the TV series. They will dine at famed restaurants including Balthazar and Pastis are also on the agenda, as is clubbing at Bungalow 8 and other exclusive nightclubs. Guests will also be able to choose their Saturday afternoon based on their favorite character.

The first client to book the tour was a woman from Singapore, where the show is banned. Great marketing.



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