Skybus’s bankruptcy affects honeymoon plans 35 years in the making

Skybus is still making front page of Columbus’s newspaper. We’re still having the tail end of Skybus drama at my house. Two nights ago, my friend called telling me that he had received the e-mail from Skybus telling him his flight in May was no more and that there weren’t any refunds. My friend is out $300, I would guess, because he paid for the ticket back in September and rebooked it in October. Too bad he doesn’t have the $300 for a flight to Columbus on another airlines because those flights can be found. My husband was able to cancel the charge on our credit card for the cost of the ticket he booked for this August. Our problems are nothing compared to the folks who are out of a job without warning.

There is another Skybus story that really pulls on the old heartstrings. A Columbus couple who had been dating for 35 years and finally got married had planned to fly to California for their honeymoon. The couple are in their 70s. They haven’t flown in years because of the cost, but family bought them the Skybus tickets for a wedding present. This is a couple who decided to get married so he wouldn’t have to drive home at night. The wedding was the day after Skybus’ last flight so their honeymoon bit the dust until the groom’s sister sprung for the flight on United Airlines. The couple is now heading to San Diego next week. I hope they have good weather and a good flight.

The groom’s sister just happens to live in San Diego so they are staying with her. If United Airlines wanted to capitalize on this story, I’d think they could come up with something catchy. At least on a United Airlines flight they can get something to drink and a snack without paying extra–at least not yet.

What strange things have been found on planes?

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