Nervous robber in Australia incriminated by vomit (and other fun facts about Australia)

I have a soft spot for Australia. I really do. No other country on Earth has the ability to produce the same number of interesting headlines per capita.

Here is what we have coming from Australia on Gadling alone:

And now we have this: Robber incriminated by his own vomit. Not bad.

Ahmed Habib Jalloul, 20, of Para Vista, was found guilty of aggravated robbery in the District Court earlier this month for his involvement in the robbery of the Kensington Gardens post office in April 2007, Messenger Community News reports. The court heard that Jalloul had vomited “out of fear” outside the post office, in a nearby car park after the robbery, before fleeing in a stolen car with two accomplices and $3700 in cash. Guess what, DNA analysis of the vomit slick matched Jalluol’s DNA.

Disclaimer: Australia has other things to offer, besides weirdos, hedgehogs, vomit and wasps.