American Airlines decides to charge for second checked bag

In February it was United Airlines, in March it was Delta Airlines, and now this week it’s American Airlines: starting May 12, checking a second bag on a domestic flight will now cost you an extra $25. That is unless you are an American Airlines frequent flier member with a certain status or you purchased a full-fare ticket. Bag number 3, 4 and 5 will all cost you $100 a piece, and if you are a real heavy packer, number 6 will tack on an additional $200.

The change in policy comes amidst rising fuel prices and first quarter losses for many of the major airlines. If the trend continues, passengers could be waving goodbye to many services that were once complimentary like curbside check-in and advance seat assignments. Most travelers — at least those that aren’t traveling in Business class – are already used to paying for meals, and in the case of Air Canada, even customer service. I’d say the days of the friendly skies are coming to a close.