Vintage Macy’s: A bit of the parade and a lot of movie clips

Macy’s in New York City is one of those icons that features into many a trip to the Big Apple.

Our travel agent in Singapore told us when she visited the U.S. that Macy’s was her favorite stop in NYC. Of course, she also told us that one week in Disney World was not enough.

This video that spans several years shows just how much Macy’s has played into American culture. Ignore that it’s an ad for Macy’s. I was impressed by just how many movies have made reference to this store. There are shots of the Thanksgiving Day Parade as well. I haven’t seen this ad before. Perhaps, you have. At any rate, I am fond of movie montages, so here it is. Regardless of whether one likes Macy’s or not, this is sure an example of the cross between consumer economics, travel and culture.