Daily deal – Apple 80GB iPod Classic for $189

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas this year? If you opened all your gifts and only ended up with a new sweater and a gift card to a bankrupt store, then now is the time to treat yourself to something shiny and new.

Newegg.com currently has the Apple 80GB iPod classic on sale for just $189.

This low price is quite unheard of in the world of the iPod, and usually only happens with refurbished or “last year” models of the popular player. To make things even better, Newegg will also ship it to you for free.

There are other players out there, but the iPod is still the undisputed winner, and at this price you really won’t find anything better. Included in the box is of course the iPod itself, as well as a USB cable, a docking adapter and a pair of headphones.