Obama’s first flight on Air Force One

Barack Obama’s family digs and office space aren’t all that will change on Tuesday with his inauguration. The two customized Air Force One Boeing 747s designed to safely transport the U.S. president are part of the presidencial goodie-bag package. Marine Force One, the helicopter, will also be at Obama’s service.

Back in November 2007, Justin wrote the post Take a Tour inside Air Force One to give a closer look on what goes on inside this flying powerhouse that most of us will never see.

For an even closer look than that, check out National Geographic Channel’s “On Board Air Force One” to air on January 25. Along with presenting behind the scenes details, like how yummy airplane food is if you’re the president, and where the president takes a snooze, the show will give also show footage of Obama’s first flight on Air Force One and Bush’s last.

After the show on Air Force One, stick around as National Geographic highlights Marine Force One. In the meantime, the National Geographic Channel’s Website has a page devoted to all things Air Force One. You can download an Air Force One paper airplane replica, take a virtual tour and find out more about what it takes to operate such an aircraft.

If one is president of the United States, I imagine that the view out the plane window has a bit more weight to it than what the rest of us see. Or maybe not. Whoever is president may also says things like, “Look at that cloud. It looks kind of like a dinosaur–” or wonder where all those people in cars are going as they zip along highways looking like ants. Perhaps, he (and in the future, she) marvels at odd details like the number of back yard swimming pools there are in desert cities like Las Vegas and Phoenix, and look at the Grand Canyon in stunned awe.

For a quick peek inside Air Force One, check out these.