Love in the air – Germans most likely to flirt, Swedes most likely to have sex

It’s the most romantic time of the year – which means companies are releasing all kinds of love related news and surveys.

The latest comes from British Airways, who did a quick interview of European travelers, and how often they flirt with their fellow passengers.

According to the survey, Germans are the most likely to try and hit on you in the sky, followed by the Swiss.

The “passionate” Italians are all the way down in 6th place. At the bottom of the list are the Dutch and Belgians.

To spice things up a little, British Airways also asked passengers if they belong to the Mile High Club.

The results are quite surprising – 7% of Swedes claim they have joined the club, followed by 5% of Norwegians and 5% of the Dutch passengers who participated in the survey.

Once again, the Belgians painted a pretty bleak picture of their country, by coming last with just 1%.

Of course, these numbers could also be the complete opposite, and the results might mean that 7% of Swedes lie about having sex.

So, lets have our own little survey, and see whether Gadling readers are kinkier than the Swedes (or that we can lie more than they did!)


(Via: Dutch Telegraph)

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