Tourist hangs on to Australian train for hours – records his adventure

An American tourist spending some time in Australia just took the ride of his life. 19 year old Chad Vance was stretching his legs on the platform during a crew change stop, when his train started to leave the station – without him on board.

Instead of panicking (and spending the night waiting for the next train), he climbed on board the moving train and spent the next two and a half hours in a cramped stairwell.

Eventually, he was able to get the attention of an employee, who pulled the emergency brakes. At that point, Chad was turning blue from the sub-zero wind. Of course, since we live in a social media world, Chad did take the time to make a video of his adventure, which is posted in the clip above.

He’s lucky they found him on time – the train had another three and a half hours to go till it reached its destination. Of course, his adventure is nothing like the stuff people do as a hobby...