Lufthansa and JetBlue sitting in a tree – Codesharing together

Starting later this month, passengers on Lufthansa will be able to benefit from an extended route network through a codesharing agreement with JetBlue.

What this means to us regular passengers is that some JetBlue flights will also carry a Lufthansa flight number, making it possible for Lufthansa passengers to seamlessly travel from Europe to the US, and transfer to a JetBlue flight.

When the codeshare agreement is in place, this also means US passengers will be able to connect to Lufthansa flights off JetBlue feeders. The announcement did not specify whether the airlines will introduce inter-airline baggage handling and ticketing, so don’t expect the JetBlue ticket desk to be much help with your Lufthansa flight problems just yet.

This partnership is made easier thanks to a 15.6% investment the German Airline made in JetBlue, early last year.

The alliance seems a little strange, since Lufthansa is a founding member of the Star Alliance, along with US Airways and United Airlines. Still, any codeshare additions to an airline always make for easier travel, and easier travel is something we can all use.