British Airways crew suspended for Facebooking

British Airways has suspended 15 cabin crew members for “inappropriate” Facebook comments.

Back in October, a Jetstar flight attendant was disciplined for Facebook-stalking a 15-year-old (Airline apologizes for male flight attendant harassing a 15-year-old). That I understood. Some friends of mine in the law and medical fields have been warned about their Facebook personae; that they should consider themselves “employees of [the company]” first and foremost. I think that’s a little oppressive, but okay, they’re in some pretty high-power jobs where people immediately learn their full names.

But, I’m surprised anyone’s putting a Facebook gag on their cabin crew. I recently flew British Airways — and thoroughly enjoyed my experience — and not only do I have no idea about the full name of any one of the cabin crew, but I would never consider even searching them on Facebook, let alone friending them and reading their walls. If I were a big weirdo and did decide to spend my time that way, I would think the shame should fall on me, not on anything unsavory I might find.

What exactly is “inappropriate”? Does it depend what your definition of is is?

BA Press Officer Euan Fordyce is quoted as saying the airline “will not tolerate intimidation of our staff,” and that there were other, additional reasons for the suspensions. That seems to imply bullying, or some other kind of workplace no-no — but rumors are circulating that complaints about ongoing battles over wages, working conditions and job security are the culprits. reports that “the UK’s Unite union called the move unacceptable.”

Funny; if they hadn’t suspended their crew members, I wouldn’t even know that those battles were going on.