PortaPocket portable travel system straps your belongings to your arm or leg

PortaPocket cases are great if you’d like to get out of the house (or your hotel) without having to carry a hand bag. Inventor Kendra Kroll designed the system as a way to carry small items like a passport, credit and ID cards. With the larger version, you can even carry sunglasses, a digital camera or medical devices like an EpiPen or insulin pump.

With a hidden pocket, you can safely store your possessions hidden under your pants or shirt without anyone noticing, which is obviously great if you want to reduce the risk of theft. The PortaPocket is designed to fit your calf, thigh, ankle, arm, or waist or belt buckle.

The pockets are made of neoprene, and come in beige and black. Best of all, the entire line of products is interchangeable – the various pockets and arm/ankle/waist straps can all be mixed and matched to create the best fit.

The PortaPocket products are available from a variety of outlets – directly from PortaPocket.com, Amazon.com and many nationwide retail stores. Prices start at just $9.95 for an add-on pocket, or $24.95 for a kit.