British Airways investigates leaked raunchy flight crew photos

Forget about harmless Facebook posts – a surefire way to get yourself in trouble is to post photos of yourself in a “questionable” position on a site dedicated to “flight attendants in stockings”.

According to UK tabloid “The Sun”, the photos were posted on a “hardcore porn site”, and were accidentally leaked.

In reality, the photos appear to have been collected over the years by fans of “flight attendants in stockings”, and set to be viewable in public by mistake. One common source for photos like this is poorly configured social media sites.

People regularly leave their privacy settings wide open without realizing, allowing strangers to snag any photos that were not intended for public use. And of course, once out in the public, photos like this will take on a life of their own.

Some of the photos are of British Airways flight crew members, others are from various international airlines. The timing is especially ironic, as BA flight attendants are in the middle of a vote over a planned strike. I’m sure that the airline won’t mind having to deal with a fewer striking crew members once they find out who is in the photos.