Photo of the Day (06.07.10)

People like to gripe about airplane food. It’s been fodder for comedians (not all of them funny) for years. People complain about how it tastes. They bitch about it being too hot or too cold. It’s chewy. It’s difficult to cut with plastic cutlery. And, now, it just plain costs too much since airlines have stopped serving free meals. Oddly, though, I love airplane food. I enjoy how compartmentalized it is. How I’m eating a full meal nearly six miles above the surface of the Earth. How I get to put a huge chunk of cheese on one tiny cracker. That’s why I love this picture by Flickr user andreakw. There’s no judgment here. No hacky jokes about airplane food. Just a simple meal served six miles above the surface of the Earth. And, perhaps alarmingly, no chunks of cheese.

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