Everybody wants to work for Delta

Anyone who wants to work in the airline business, take note: Delta is hiring. The largest airline in the world is getting ready to add 1,000 positions around the world. In particular, look for openings at its 25 largest airports in the United States. Sounds good, right? Brace yourself, though. The airline expects more than 65,000 applications to come in for these positions. To give you a bit perspective on this, 81,000 people work for Delta already. So, the company will probably receive applications from a group equivalent to 75 percent of its employee population.

Delta’s looking to add bodies because of “near-record percentages of seats filled,” according to Bloomberg, but this does reflect a decline in routes in order to manage vacant seats and pump up revenue per available seat-mile.

While Delta’s 1,000 positions are helping a beleaguered airline industry, it’s still a drop in the bucket – as evidenced by the expected 65,000 applications. The total airline workforce shed 18,756 jobs from May 2009 to May 2010.